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Capacitive Load

Capacitive Load:

Generally, a load with a capacitance parameter is called the capacitive load, and the capacitive load will reduce the power factor of the circuit. During charging or discharging, the capacitive load is equivalent to a short circuit because the voltage across the capacitor cannot be changed abruptly.

Q: What are the characteristics of the inductive load (when working)?
A: Capacitive loads are leading (current leads voltage). In the DC circuits, capacitive loads prevent current from flowing, but can store energy. In the AC circuits, the current phase leads the voltage phase (compared to the power supply), and the phase can lead a quarter cycle (or 90 degrees) at the maximum.

Q: Which are inductive loads?
A: Device with a capacitor, such as a compensation capacitor. And power control devices such as switching power supplies, IT equipment and etc.

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