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DC Electrical Motor Speed Controller



Electrical Motor Controller

MGR-DTSV Series DC Electrical Motor Speed Controller is a DC Voltage Power Regulator with microprocessor and power MOSFET chip, and is also our latest developed PWM DC motor speed control module. As a DC Speed Governor, through the automatic control signal (E: 0~5VDC, G: 4~20mA) or...


Basic Parameters

Control Signal:  0~5VDC; 4~20mA; Potentiometer

Load Voltage:  One channel, 24VDC

Load Current:  60A

Adjustment range of the output voltage: 0~48V

Isolation voltage: 2500VACrms

Dimensions:  57.4mm*44.8mm*28mm

Mounting:  Panel mount


Cheap price

Easy and convenient operation

High precision and great performance

Wide range of applications

Fully compatible with different control methods, allowing the computer to easily adjust voltage through the network


This module with microprocessor and power MOS tube is the latest PWM DC motor speed control module developed by our company, with features like over-current protection, over-voltage protection, multiple input control methods, stable and reliable operation, and wide adjustment range. This module is widely used in applications that require stepless speed regulation of motors, such as textile machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, etc.

When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a freewheeling diode in parallel with the output terminal

If the load current is above 5A, a heat sink must be provided; if the load current exceeds 10A, an air-cooled radiator must be installed.

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