Electrical Motor Controller

MGR-DTSV Series Electrical Motor Controller

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MGR-DTSV Series DC Electrical Motor Speed Controller is a DC Voltage Power Regulator with microprocessor and power MOSFET chip, and is also our latest developed PWM DC motor speed control module. As a DC Speed Governor, through the automatic control signal (E: 0~5VDC, G: 4~20mA) or manual control signal (adjustment of potentiometer), MGR-DTSV Series can control the load voltage to control the power of the DC Motor to realize rotation speed control of the DC Electrical Motor.

How to order

How to order MGR-DTSV Series Electrical Motor Controller

MGR-DTSV (DC Electrical Motor Speed Controller)
  - [Rated Current]
  - [Control Signal] {E (0-5VDC); G (4-20mA)}
  - [Load Voltage] {12 (12VDC); 24 (24VDC); 48 (48VDC)}


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Control Signal:  0-5VDC; 4-20mA; Potentiometer
Load Voltage:  12VDC; 24VDC; 48VDC
Load Current:  10A, 25A, 50A, 100A, 150A, 250A
Dimensions & Mounting:  57.4mm*44.8mm*28mm; Panel mount solid state relay with transparent cover, metal base and screw terminals


● Cheap price
● Easy and convenient operation
● High precision and great performance
● Wide range of applications
● Fully compatible with different control methods, allowing the computer to easily adjust voltage through the network

Dimensions and Circuit Wiring Diagram

MGR-DTSV Series DC Speed Governor

MGR-DTSV Series Electrical Motor Controller Diagram


● Applications that require stepless speed regulation of motors, such as textile machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, etc.

Precautions and FAQs

● When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a freewheeling diode in parallel with the output terminal.
● If the load current is above 5A, a heat sink must be provided; if the load current exceeds 10A, an air-cooled radiator must be installed.
● What are the differences between Panel mount SSR and PCB mount SSR?
The panel type solid state relay (or device type, screw mounting type) needs to be fixed on a metal base plate or a heat sink, and is cooled by a heat sink or an air-cooled radiator. The PCB solid state relay (or pin mounting type) has the industry standard pin configurations, and can be mounted directly to the Printed Circuit Board, and the natural cooling as heat dissipation without the need for a heat sink. The PCB type has a smaller mounting size and a larger power density than the panel type.

All Regular Models We Offer

● MGR-DTSV Series (DC Motor Speed Controller)

Load voltage 12VDC, Control Signal 0-5VDC

  • MGR-DTSV10E12
  • MGR-DTSV25E12
  • MGR-DTSV40E12
  • MGR-DTSV50E12
  • MGR-DTSV60E12
  • MGR-DTSV100E12
  • MGR-DTSV150E12
  • MGR-DTSV250E12

Load voltage 24VDC, Control Signal 0-5VDC

  • MGR-DTSV10E24
  • MGR-DTSV25E24
  • MGR-DTSV40E24
  • MGR-DTSV50E24
  • MGR-DTSV60E24
  • MGR-DTSV100E24
  • MGR-DTSV150E24
  • MGR-DTSV250E24

Load voltage 48VDC, Control Signal 0-5VDC

  • MGR-DTSV10E48
  • MGR-DTSV25E48
  • MGR-DTSV40E48
  • MGR-DTSV50E48
  • MGR-DTSV60E48
  • MGR-DTSV100E48
  • MGR-DTSV150E48
  • MGR-DTSV250E48

Load voltage 12VDC, Control Signal 4-20mA

  • MGR-DTSV10G12
  • MGR-DTSV25G12
  • MGR-DTSV40G12
  • MGR-DTSV50G12
  • MGR-DTSV60G12
  • MGR-DTSV100G12
  • MGR-DTSV150G12
  • MGR-DTSV250G12

Load voltage 24VDC, Control Signal 4-20mA

  • MGR-DTSV10G24
  • MGR-DTSV25G24
  • MGR-DTSV40G24
  • MGR-DTSV50G24
  • MGR-DTSV60G24
  • MGR-DTSV100G24
  • MGR-DTSV150G24
  • MGR-DTSV250G24

Load voltage 48VDC, Control Signal 4-20mA

  • MGR-DTSV10G48
  • MGR-DTSV25G48
  • MGR-DTSV40G48
  • MGR-DTSV50G48
  • MGR-DTSV60G48
  • MGR-DTSV100G48
  • MGR-DTSV150G48
  • MGR-DTSV250G48

(E Type: 0-5V; G Type: 4-20mA)

*Customized models are available, be free to contact us.


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