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MGR-DTYF Series Voltage Power Regulator

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MGR-DTYF Series Single Phase Closed Loop Feedback Solid State Voltage Regulator Module (also known as single phase negative feedback voltage regulator, single phase closed-loop negative feed solid state voltage regulator module) is a device with voltage regulation function and voltage stabilization function. Compared with other open-loop single phase voltage regulator modules (such as the MGR-DT Series), the MGR-DTYF Series has a built-in closed-loop control system that automatically stabilizes the output voltage value through negative feedback regulation to ensure that its load voltage is only influenced by the Control Signal other than External Factors (such as grid voltage fluctuations, load power factors, load power changes, etc.). MGR-DTYF has two control modes, automatic control (E type: CON 0~5VDC, G type: CON 4~20mA) and manual control (adjustment of potentiometer).

How to order

How to order MGR-DTYF Series Voltage Power Regulator

MGR-DTYF (Closed Loop Feedback Single Phase Voltage Regulator Module)
  - [Load Voltage] {22 (220VAC); 38 (380VAC)}
  - [Rated Current]
  - [Control Signal] {E (0~5VDC); G (4~20mA)}


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Control Signal:  E: CON 0~5V; G: CON 4~20mA
Load Voltage:  220VAC / 380VAC
Load Current:  15A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 70A, 90A, 120A, 150A, 200A
Dimensions & Mounting:  105mm*75mm*33mm; Panel mount solid state module with plastic cover, metal base and screw terminals


● No external +12V DC power supply required
● Effectively stabilize voltage fluctuations with closed-loop (negative feedback) voltage regulator system
● Insulation voltage greater than 2000VAC
● Support automatic control mode (control signal 4-20mA, 0-5V) and manual control mode, and both modes are smooth to adjust
● Built-in shielding circuit with strong anti-interference ability
● High-power thyristor chip, and insulating base plate with DCB ceramic glaze material
● Stable performance and high reliability

Dimensions and Circuit Wiring Diagram

MGR-DTYF Series Voltage Power Regulator

MGR-DTYF Series Voltage Power Regulator Diagram


● Applications that need three phase voltage adjustment and voltage stabilization.

Precautions and FAQs

● If the load current is 10A, a heat sink must be equipped; if the load current is 40A or more, an air-cooled radiator or a water-cooled radiator must be installed.
● When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a varistor in parallel with the output terminal, whose voltage value is 1.6-1.9 times the load voltage.
● What is the difference between the Closed Loop System and the Open Loop System?
The closed-loop system is also called the feedback control system, when a set value is given by control system, the closed-loop system compares the output value with the set value and adjusts it through the feedback system so that its output value is close to the set value. Compared with the closed loop, the open loop system has no feedback system, so its output value is not only affected by the control system, but also affected by external uncontrollable factors, thus, its output value is unstable and often deviates from the set value.

All Regular Models We Offer

● MGR-DTYF Series (Single Phase, Closed Loop Feedback)

Load Voltage Single Phase 220VAC, Control Signal: CON1 0-5V, CON2 4-20mA; Full Wave

  • MGR-DTYF22120AEG
  • MGR-DTYF22150AEG
  • MGR-DTYF22200AEG

(E type: CON 0-5V; G type: CON 4-20mA)

*Customized models are available, be free to contact us.


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