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DIN-Rail Mount One Channel DC to DC Solid State Relay


MGR-Y Series

DIN-Rail Mount Solid State Relay

MGR-Y Series Single Channel DIN-Rail Mount Solid State Relay uses the standard DIP-8 (Double In-line Package 8 pins) configuration, which can be directly mounted on the PCB board, or can be mounted to the standard symmetrical DIN rail(35 mm wide) through the DIN rail base. MGR-Y series can be...


Basic Parameters

Control Voltage: 3~32VDC

Control Current: Ultra low input current, ≤10mA

Load Voltage: One channel, 5-60VDC

Load Current: 5A

Dimensions:  28mm*22mm*42mm

Mounting:  DIN-Rail Mount


DIP 8-pin package

"Ultra-low" input current

Low output off-state leakage current

Low output on-state voltage drop

Low-impedance MOSFET as the output component minimize the total power consumption

Display output status via LED


When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a varistor in parallel with the output terminal, whose voltage value is 1.6-1.9 times the load voltage.

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