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Solid State Rectifier

MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series Solid State Rectifier

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MD Series Solid State Diode Module is a kind of Solid State Rectification Modules which is available in a wide range of applications. According to the control mode, MT Series can be divided into MDC Series, MDA Series, MDK Series and MDX Series.

How to order

How to order MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series Solid State Rectifier

[Series] {MDC; MDA; MDK; MDX}
  - [Rated Current]


MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series img


Load Current:  25A, 55A, 70A, 90A, 110A, 130A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 500A, 800A, 1000A
Dimensions & Mounting:  Click here to get the corresponding overall dimensions according to the shape code, Panel mount solid state module with plastic cover, metal base and screw terminals


● Electrical insulation between the chip and the backplane with insulation voltage 2500VAC
● International standard package
● "Vacuum + hydrogenation protection" welding technology
● Crimp style structure, excellent thermal cycling and power cycle capability
● If the current is below 350A, the module is cooled by forced air cooling; if the current is more than 400A, the cooling method can be either air-cooling or water-cooling
● Easy to install, easy to apply and maintain
● Compact dimensions and low weight

Dimensions and Circuit Wiring Diagram


MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series Diagram


● Control system of AC and DC motor
● Various rectification power supplies
● Industrial heating control system
● Lighting system
● Contactless switch
● Motor soft start
● Static var compensator
● Welding machine
● Frequency converter
● UPS power supply
● Battery charging and discharging

Precautions and FAQs

● Unless otherwise stated, IGT, VGT, IH, VTM, and VISO are all tested at 25 °C, and other parameters in the table are tested at Tjm.
● I2t=I2TSM×tw/2; In the formula, tw=half period of sinusoidal current. If the frequency is 50Hz, I2t=0.005I2TSM (Amps2 sec).

All Regular Models We Offer

● MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series

MDC, MDA, MDK, MDX Series Types Solid State Rectifier

Note: In the model column, MDx represents any one series of MDC, MDK, MDA, MDX, and MD.
The domestic models corresponding to the imported models RM, SKKD, DD, MDD, 2RL, 100L, etc., are subject to the circuit diagram.

*Customized models are available, be free to contact us.


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