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KBPC, QL, SQL Series
Solid State Rectifier

KBPC, QL, SQL Series Solid State Rectifier

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KBPC, QL, SQL Series Solid State Bridge Rectifiers are available in a wide range of applications. KBPC Series (square shape) is suitable for single-phase low-power loads, QL Series (long strip shape) for single-phase high-power loads, and SQL Series (long strip shape, integrated heat sink) for three-phase loads. KBPC series have the same function like QL series, but KBPC series has more compact size than QL series, and it is suitable for equipments with requirement for high installation size.

How to order

How to order KBPC, QL, SQL Series Solid State Rectifier

[Series] {KBPC (MGR Bridge Rectifier); QL (Single Phase Bridge Rectifier); SQL (Three Phase Bridge Rectifier)}
  - [Rated Current]


KBPC, QL, SQL Series img

KBPC, QL, SQL Series

Load Voltage:  Single phase or three phase, 100~1600VAC
Load Current:  5~35A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A
Dimensions & Mounting:  See specification table below


● Current: 5-250A
● Voltage: 100-1600V
● Universal small size, “vacuum + hydrogenation protection” welding technology
● Glass passivated diode chip
● Excellent power/volume ratio
● Conductivity package with high thermal resistance

Dimensions and Circuit Wiring Diagram

KBPC, QL, SQL Series

KBPC, QL, SQL Series Dimensions Solid State Rectifier


● Rectifier power supply
● Industrial automation control system
● CNC machine
● Remote control system

Precautions and FAQs

All Regular Models We Offer

● KBPC, QL Series (Single Phase)

KBPC, QL Series (Single Phase) Solid State Rectifier

● SQL Series (Three Phase)

KBPC, SQL Series (Three Phase) Solid State Rectifier

*Customized models are available, be free to contact us.


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