Plasma Cutting Machine

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The plasma cutting machine generates high-calorie plasma gas through high-frequency arc ignition and heat-melts the metal workpiece to achieve the effect of cutting the workpiece. Since the molten metal will be discharged from the cutting surface during cutting, the plasma cutting machine has the advantages of smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation, high cutting efficiency, and almost no heat-affected zone.

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine imageIntroduction:
The plasma cutting machine is composed of contactors, transformers, bridge rectifiers, high-frequency arc ignition coils, solenoid valves, etc. Through the process of "pre ventilation-high frequency arc ignition-cutting- blowing out of arc", the metal workpiece will be cut.

Working principle:
1. Input voltage, current, time and other parameters through the panel.
2. The solenoid valve is energized to let in air.
3. Generate plasma gas and auxiliary gas through a high-frequency oscillator: the plasma gas is used to melt the metal, and the auxiliary gas is used to cool and blow off the molten metal.

The role of solid state relays:
1. Control the working status of the actuator.
2. Electrically isolate the control device from the actuator.
3. The bridge rectifier module converts three-phase alternating current into direct current.

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