Electric Welding Machine

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The electric welding machine uses the thermal energy generated at the moment when the conductive welding wire is shorted to the metal to melt the welding wire into a liquid state to achieve the purpose of bonding two pieces of metal. Electric welding machine will produce a lot of harmful radiation and harmful gas when welding, so you need to wear face shield and mask when operating electric welding machine. Electric welding machine has the characteristics of small size, low cost, simple operation, etc., so it is widely used in manufacturing and construction fields.

Electric Welding Machine

Electric Welding Machine imageIntroduction:
The electric welding machine is composed of filter circuit, transformer, rectifier, inverter, etc. Through the process of "filtering-rectification-inverter-step-down-rectification", the power frequency voltage is converted into a stable DC voltage for welding.

Working principle:
1. After being processed by the filter circuit and the rectifier module, the power frequency voltage on the grid becomes a DC voltage.
2. After the alternating switching of high-power switching components, an intermediate frequency AC voltage will be generated.
3. After being processed by the step-down transformer, rectifier circuit, and reactance filtering, the intermediate frequency AC voltage becomes a DC voltage with a stable waveform.

The role of solid state relays:
1. Control the working status of the execution device.
2. The rectifier module can convert alternating current into direct current.

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