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DC Motor

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The motor is a device that can directly convert DC electrical energy into mechanical energy. According to the excitation mode, it can be divided into permanent magnet type DC motor, separately excited type DC motor and self-excited DC motor. DC motors are commonly used in industries, home appliances and other fields, such as compressors, electric fans, precision machine tools, tachometer motors, and servo motors.

DC Motor

DC Motor  imageIntroduction:
The basic structure of a DC motor consists of a rotor and a stator. Its power supply is usually a DC power source such as a dry battery or a storage battery, and sometimes a DC power source rectified from an AC power source.

Working principle:
1. Connect the DC motor to the DC power supply.
2. After the external control device provides the working signal, the DC motor starts to work.

The role of solid state relays:
1. Control the working status of the DC motor.

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