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Ultrasonic Oscillator

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When ultrasonic waves propagate in liquids, millions of tiny cavitation bubbles are generated every second. These bubbles generate powerful impact and negative pressure suction, which can peel off dirt and kill bacteria and viruses. Ultrasonic oscillators use high-frequency sound waves to produce vibrations to clean and disinfect medical appliances or laboratory appliances. It can also stir solutions (alcohol, medicine, etc.) to accelerate chemical reactions.

Ultrasonic Oscillator

Ultrasonic Oscillator imageIntroduction:
The ultrasonic vibrator consists of a vibration plate, an ultrasonic generator and so on.

Working principle:
1. Place the object in the ultrasonic vibrator.
2. Turn on the power, and set the time and other parameters, the ultrasonic oscillator will start working.

The role of solid state relays:
1. Control the working status of the actuator.

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