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The autoclave can create an environment of specified temperature, air pressure and humidity, and can be used as a sterilization device or an experimental device. Because of its excellent performance and reasonable price, it is commonly used in dental, medical, veterinary and laboratory equipment.


Autoclave imageIntroduction:
The autoclave uses atmospheric pressure as the power source to ensure that the contents of the autoclave will not be exposed to any impurities except for the medium gas. If used as an experimental device, hydrogen is usually selected as the medium gas; if used as a sterilization device, usually water vapor is used as the medium gas. The autoclave consists of a reaction vessel, agitator, transmission system, cooling device, safety device, heating furnace, etc.

Working principle:
1. Feed in hydrogen (or water vapor), drain the air in the autoclave, and close the air inlet and outlet.
2. The controller controls the heater to heat the kettle body to the specified temperature.
3. Control the air pressure in the autoclave through the exhaust valve.
4. Maintain the specified air pressure and temperature to make the materials in the autoclave fully react (or achieve the sterilization effect).

The role of solid state relays:
1. Undertake the role of low pressure control high pressure in the control system.
2. Control the operating status of heaters, autoclaves, water pumps, and dry pumps.

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