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Photo Coupled Type Solid State Relay

Photo Coupled Type Solid State Relay, Photo Coupling SSR , also known as photo-isolated SSR, or opto-coupled SSR, uses an optical coupler as an isolator. The optical coupler is an opto-isolator that consists of an infrared source (usually, a light-emitting diode, or LED) and a photo-sensitive semiconductor component (such as a photosensitive diode, a photo-sensitive transistor, and a photo-sensitive thyristor). According to the different components, the opto-coupler can be into Opto-Diode Coupler(Photo-Diode Coupler), Opto-Transistor Coupler(Photo-Transistor Coupler), Opto-SCR Coupler (Photo-SCR Coupler), and Opto-Triac Coupler(Photo-Triac Coupler).

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