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Potentiometer Type Single Phase AC Solid State Voltage Regulator


MGR-R Series

Voltage Power Regulator

MGR-R Series Potentiometer Type Solid State Voltage Regulator uses Standard Package. Through the adjustment of potentiometer, MGR-R Series can stepless control the load voltage of the single phase AC load...


Basic Parameters

Control Method:  Manual Control--Adjustable Potentiometer (470K, 680K, 820K)

Load Voltage:  Single phase 220VAC / 380VAC / 480VAC

Load Current:  40A

Dimensions:  57.4mm*44.8mm*28mm

Mounting:  Panel mount


"Ultra low" input current

Low output off-state leakage current

Low output on-state voltage drop

Standard output RC snubber circuit

Fully compatible with different control methods, allowing the computer to easily adjust voltage through the network


If the load current is 10A, a heat sink must be equipped; if the load current is 40A or more, an air-cooled radiator or a water-cooled radiator must be installed.

When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a varistor in parallel with the output terminal, whose voltage value is 1.6-1.9 times the load voltage.

* Please contact us if you need to customize according to your special needs.

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