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PCB Mount Single Phase DC to DC Solid State Relay


JGX Series

PCB Mount Solid State Relay

JGX series PCB Mount Solid State Relay uses the standard DIP-4 (Double In-line Package 4 pins) configuration, and can be divided into JGX_F series DC to AC PCB mount solid state relay, JGX_FA series DC to DC PCB mount solid state relay. The JGX series is available in three housings: Plastic Housing (1A, 3A, 5A), Metal Housing (3A, 5A), Cast Aluminum-zinc Alloy Housing (5A, 8A). The cast aluminum-zinc alloy housing type is also known as the Heat Sink type (or Integrated...


Basic Parameters

Control Voltage:  3~32VDC

Control Current:  Ultra low input current, ≤10mA

Load Voltage:  One channel, 5~220VDC

Load Current:  5A

Dimensions:  32mm*25mm*14mm

Mounting:  PCB mount


DIP 4-pin package

"Ultra low" input current

Low output off-state leakage current

Low output on-state voltage drop

Low-impedance MOSFET as the output component minimize the total power consumption

Metal housing with significant heat dissipation

British standard PCB mounting dimensions


Normally used in air conditioners, balers and other household appliances.

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