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Single Phase AC Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module



Voltage Power Regulator

SCR-JKK, TRIAC-JKK Series Single Phase Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module is a device designed to regulate the load voltage through power thyristor circuits, and it has built-in synchronous transformer, synchronous phase detection circuit, phase shift circuit (phase control circuit)...


Basic Parameters

Control Signal:  E: CON 0~5V; F: CON 0~10V; G: CON 4~20mA; H: CON 1~5V

Load Voltage:  Single phase 220VAC

Load Current:  Refer to the rated current of the selected solid state relay

Dimensions:  56mm*56mm*16mm

Mounting:  Panel mount


Internal synchronous transformer can provide working power and synchronous voltage (18VAC) for SCR-JKK/TRIAC-JKK without additional circuit or external power

Various control signals for selection

E, F, H types can be controlled by the manual control circuit, G type cannot be adjusted with the potentiometer


The phase-shift trigger module can trigger thyristors within 1000A current (please pay attention to the connection method of the trigger terminal).

The phase-shift trigger itself generates very little heat and does not require additional heat dissipation.

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