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Three Phase Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module


SSR-3JK Series

Voltage Power Regulator

SSR-3JK Series Three Phase Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module is a device designed to regulate the load voltage through random solid state relays, and it has built-in synchronous transformer, synchronous phase detection circuit, phase shift circuit (phase control circuit) and...


Basic Parameters

Control Signal:  E: CON 0~5V; F: CON 0~10V; G: CON 4~20mA; H: CON 1~5V

Load Voltage:  Three phase, 380VAC; 50HZ

Load Current:  Refer to the rated current of the selected solid state relay

Dimensions:  107mm*107mm*30mm

Mounting:  Panel mount


Integrates the three phase phase-detection circuit, the phase-shift circuit, the control circuit, and the trigger circuit.

Various control signals for selection

TB-3 (three phase synchronous transformer module) provides the synchronous signal and internal operation power supply for the phase-shift module without additional circuit

E, F, H types can be controlled by the manual control circuit, G type cannot be adjusted with the potentiometer)


The speed control of the three phase AC asynchronous motor should be adjusted by the frequency converter, while the three phase voltage regulation module can only be applied to fan motors and pump motors where the requirements are not high. For the soft start of the three phase motors, the voltage/current closed-loop control system should be used.

The SSR-3JK (with TB-3) matches the random solid state relays produced by our company. Users can build the SSR-3JK system by purchasing the SSR-3JK, the TB-3, three random conduction type SSRs and one heat sink to. If three long strip solid state relays are selected, they can be mounted on a Y series module air-cooled radiator with a fan installed to form a power unit; and if three rectangular solid state relays are selected, they can be mounted on the MG-Y heat sink to form a power unit.

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