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Dual Channel Single Phase AC Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module


SCR-JKK/2 Series

Voltage Power Regulator

SCR-JKK/2 Series Single Phase Solid State Phase-Shift Trigger Module is a device designed to regulate the load voltage through two sets of power SCR circuit, and it has built-in synchronous transformer, synchronous phase detection circuit, phase shift circuit (phase control circuit) ...


Basic Parameters

Control Signal:  E: CON 0~5V; F: CON 0~10V; G: CON 4~20mA; H: CON 1~5V

Load Voltage:  Single phase 220VAC

Load Current:  Refer to the rated current of the selected solid state relay

Dimensions:  56mm*56mm*16mm

Mounting:  Panel mount


Internal synchronous transformer can provide working power and synchronous voltage (18VAC) for SCR-JKK/2 without additional circuit or external power

Various control signals for selection

E, F, H types can be controlled by the manual control circuit, G type cannot be adjusted with the potentiometer


TRIAC-JKK, SCR-JKK and SCR-JKK/2 these three types modules adopt strong electric trigger mode.

In order to improve the static dv/dt of the voltage regulation system (consisting of the phase-shift trigger module, the thyristor and the synchronous transformer) and also prevent the voltage regulation system from being damaged by the transient voltage (once switched and powered on), the load circuit should be changed the static dv/dt improved version.

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