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Professional Type Three Phase AC SCR Power Regulator


MGR-SCR Series

Voltage Power Regulator

MGR-SCR Series Three Phase Power Regulator (also known as three-phase thyristor voltage regulator, three-phase power SCR voltage regulator, or three phase thyristor power controller), uses three sets of anti-parallel (back-to-back) Power SCRs as output components to regulate the power of the three-phase load through Phase Control (Conduction Angle Control). To meet the different needs of users, we...


Basic Parameters

Control Signal:  E: CON 0~5V; F: CON 0~10V; G: CON 4~20mA

Power Voltage:  Three phase, 380VAC (three-phase four-wire); 50Hz/60Hz

Output Mode:  Phase output

Load Current:  300A

Protection Method: Fast fuse / Temperature control switch

Operating Environment: Ambient temperature below 45 °C, ambient humidity below 90% RH


Multi-function LED status

Built-in fast fuse protection function

Over temperature protection function

Adjustable maximum output and minimum output

Linear phase-shift control circuit with good stability and high precision

Innovative structure with high efficiency and high quality


The input circuit of the main circuit adopts three-phase three-wire connection, no phase sequence requirement.

SCR is a high current component, so please be sure to tighten the (R, S, T) and (U, V, W) terminals, otherwise it will heat up the terminals and then burn out the SCR.

SCR has a built-in fast fuse for overcurrent and short-circuit protection. If the fuse is blown due to overcurrent, be sure to replace it with a fuse of the same specification. Please do not increase Amps of the fuse arbitrarily!

If the load adopts Y-connection, the neutral point cannot be connected to the neutral line, otherwise the SCR will lose control.

When the heat sink temperature exceeds 75 °C, the over-temperature protection will be automatically turned on and stop the module from working. At this time, only the power status LED is lit.

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