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Overall Dimensions of Module

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You will find the overall size and shape codes for all modules, including solid state modules, SSR modules, welding machines (or welding machine rectifier modules), and water-cooled modules. For example, "102A: Module 30-100A","102A" is the shape code, and "Module 30-100A" indicates that this shape code is for a solid state module with a load current of 30-100A, and the figure shows the detailed dimensions of such solid state module.

Shape Code and Dimensions of Module

  • overall diagram of 102A

    102A: Module 30-100A

  • overall diagram of 103A

    103A: Module 150-200A

  • overall diagram of 103A-1

    103A-1: Module 150-200A

  • overall diagram of 104A

    104A: Module 250-400A

  • overall diagram of 105A

    105A: Module 450-600A

  • overall diagram of 100B

    100B: Welding machine 200-300A

  • overall diagram of 101B

    101B: Welding machine 25-130A

  • overall diagram of 102B

    102B: Welding machine 70-160A

  • overall diagram of 103B

    103B: Welding machine 70-130A

  • overall diagram of 104B

    104B: Welding machine 160-300A

  • overall diagram of 104B-1

    104B-1: Welding machine 160-300A

  • overall diagram of 101F

    101F: Module 25-55A

  • overall diagram of 201F

    201F: Module 25-55A

  • overall diagram of 301F

    301F: Module 130-200A

  • overall diagram of 401F

    401F: SSR 500-600A Module 200-350A

  • overall diagram of 401F-1

    401F-1: Module 160-250A

  • overall diagram of 501F

    501F: SSR 800-1000A Module 400-5000A

  • overall diagram of 701F

    701F: SSR, Module 600-1000A

  • overall diagram of 801F

    801F: Water-cooled module 200-350A

  • overall diagram of 901F

    901F: Water-cooled module 400-500A


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