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NJK Series Hall Type Proximity Sensor

NJK Series
Hall Type Proximity Sensor

NJK series Hall type proximity sensor is a cylindrical shape proximity sensor with 10mm detection distance , and 0-8mm setting distance. NJK series proximity sensors have the advantages of adjustable distance, simple to operate, long life and high reliability, and can adapt to complex working environments. NJK series proximity sensors are equipped with power reverse protection, etc., and the operating status of the sensor can be directly observed through the red LED. NJK series proximity sensors are IP67 protected (IEC standard). Depending on the control output, proximity sensors can be divided into NPN type (Type N), PNP type (Type P), AC type (Type A), and DC type (Type D). For more information about the proximity sensors, please visit "What is Proximity Sensors".

  • NJK-5003
  • NJK-8002



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● Reverse power supply

● Long life and high reliability, high environmental adaptability

● The red LED shows the operating status of the sensor

● Adjustable distance, and simple to operate

● IP67 protection structure (IEC specification)

● Please read "Precautions for Proximity Sensors" before use


● Lagging Distance: Less than 10% of detection distance

● Sensing Object: Magnetic metal (if non-magnetic object, the detection distance will be reduced)

● Supply Voltage: DC type — 12-24VDC (6-36VDC) with voltage pulsation (p-p) below 10%; AC type — 110-220VAC (36-250VAC), 50/60Hz

● Current Consumption Type N.P — under 13mA; Type D — under 0.8mA; Type A — under 1.7mA

● Control Output: Type N.P — under 300mA; Type D — under 200mA; Type A — under 400mA

● Circuit Protection: Type N.P.D — Reverse power supply protection, surge absorption, short-circuit protection; Type A — Surge absorption

● Ambient Temperature (operating, storage): -30-+65°C (non-freezing, non-condensing)

● Ambient Humidity (operating, storage): 35-95%RH

● Insulation Impedance: Above 50 MΩ (between the charging section and the housing, using a DC500 megohmmeter)

● Withstanding Voltage (1min): 1000VAC, 50/60Hz (between charging section and case)

● Temperature Effect: If the temperature range is -30 to +65℃, the sensing distance is within ±15% of the detection distance at +23℃; if the temperature range is -25 to +60℃, the sensing distance is within ±10% of the detection distance at +23℃.

● Voltage Effect: If the voltage range is within ±15% of the rated supply voltage, the sensing distance is within ±10% of the detection distance at the rated supply voltage.

● Protective Structure: IP67 (IEC standard)

● Material: Housing — chrome plated brass; Detection surface — ABS


NJK Series Proximity Sensor
Mounting MethodsShieldedShieldedShieldedShielded
NJK- 5002CDNJK-8002CDNJK-5003CD
NCNJK-5001BNJK-5002BNJK-8002BNJK- 5003B
Detection Distance10mm±10%10mm±10%10mm±10%10mm±10%
Set Distance0~8mm0~8mm0~8mm0~8mm
Standard Sensing ObjectMagnet Φ8x2mmMagnet Φ12x2mmMagnet Φ12x2mmMagnet Φ18x2mm
Response Frequency1KHz1KHz1KHz1KHz
Outline Dimension DrawingFigure1Figure2Figure3Figure4

Dimensions & wiring diagram

NJK series, dimensions and wiring diagram



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