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How to purchase genuine MGR/mager solid state relays?


"We always believe that a manufacturer or company with excellent quality and excellent service does not need to use the brand effect of other companies to promote and sell its own products, because this is a manifestation of unconfidence in the quality of its own products."
We have received feedback from our customers who have found some products with brand names and logos that are strikingly similar to Mager on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, etc., such as Meger, Rriager, Magar, Megar, 111agar. In response to the customer's confusion, we quickly launched an investigation. It has been confirmed that most of these companies were established after 2014 and the products they sell are indeed similar in appearance and labeling to ours. Optimistically, the existence of these products, which are highly similar to ours, reflects the wide acceptance of our products in the market. However, in order to prevent such products from damaging our brand image, since 2017, we have changed our logo from Mager to MGR and redesigned the labels and packaging of all our products to make our products more recognizable.
In addition to this, we have been taking proactive legal measures to protect our customers from counterfeit products, and the vast majority of these companies have also stopped infringing and incurred corresponding penalties. Even so, we want to help our customers identify and stay away from these counterfeit products by understanding our brand and products.

Through this article, you will learn about what is the history of our brand? Where to purchase channels our solid state relays? How can you tell the difference between our products and counterfeit ones? How to get after-sales protection?

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1. Introduction to our brand

Brand Name

● Chinese Full Name: 乐清市美格尔电子电器有限公司
● Chinese Abbreviation: 美格尔
● English Full Name: Yueqing MGR electronic and electrical co., ltd.
● English Abbreviation: MGR, or Mager
● Other Available English Name: Yueqing Meigeer Electronic Electric Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Meigeer Electronic &Amp; Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Meigeer Electronics And Electric Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Meigeer Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Meigeer Electron Electrical Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Mager Electron Electrical Co., Ltd.; Yueqing Mgr Electron Electrical Co., Ltd.
According to Chinese law, only the Chinese name has all the rights of the company and brand, while the English name cannot be officially registered with the Chinese administrative department for industry and commerce, nor is it regulated or restricted by Chinese law. Therefore, Chinese companies may have many English names in addition to the only Chinese name. English names can be changed and used at will, as long as they comply with translation principles, and will vary depending on how they are translated by different organizations (which explains why we have so many English names).
It should be noted that our Chinese name (hereinafter referred to as MGR, we, us or our) has never changed since its official registration in 2001, and the place and venue of registration have never left Yueqing City, China (Yueqing City is a county-level city in Wenzhou City), nor have we registered other branches. If you come across other companies that include Meigeer, such as Taiwan Meigeer (twmgr), Shenzhen Meigeer, Hongkong Meigeer, Zhejiang Meigeer, Shanghai Meigeer, Wenzhou Meigeer, Yueqing Meigeer Solid State Relay, Yueqing Meigeer Relay, Meigeer Electricals (chmgr) and etc., we can tell you for sure that they have no relationship with us.

Brand History

● Since the 1990s, we have been engaged in the OEM production of solid state relays and the research and development of electronic products.
● In 2001, we officially registered YUEQING MEIGEER ELECTRONIC ELECTRIC CO., LTD., and established our own brand, and began to provide solid state relays for companies across China.
● In 2004, as our products entered the international market through various foreign trade companies, we registered Mager as an English trademark.
● In 2008, our solid state relay plant was relocated to the Beibaixiang Industrial Park.
● In 2017, in order to avoid damage to the brand and better protect consumer rights, we used a more recognizable trademark, MGR.
● In 2018, MGR cooperated deeply with HUIMU Trade to provide high-quality MGR solid state relays and services to the world through HUIMU Industrial, and since then, MGR has officially entered the overseas market.
● In 2019, the solid state relay plant was relocated to the newly built MGR building due to production needs, and we are still planning to further expand the production line.
So far, we have sold millions of solid state relays. And because of the excellent quality and extremely low failure rate of our products, we have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. In the future, we will strive for excellence and work harder to help more customers.

2. How to distinguish our solid state relays?

First, let us compare our products to those confusing products. Obviously, their label designs are so similar to ours that it's hard to recognize them at a glance. In fact, most of these companies were founded between 2014 and 2018. So we were curious about what happened in 2014 and we wanted to know what led to the emergence of dozens of such companies in such a short period of time. In order to avoid damage to the brand image and protect the rights and interests of our customers, we have redesigned the packaging and labels since 2017 to further improve the brand image, product quality and service.

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The comparison of the old and new designs is shown below.

Old Package & Old Label: The Logo is "mager 美格尔";The Chinese Company Name is "美格尔电子电器有限公司"; The Origin is "MADE IN CHINA".

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New Package & New Logo: The Logo is three simple and showy letters "MGR", no any Chinese in it;The Chinese Company Name is "乐清美格尔电子电器有限公司", which is our full company name; The English Company Name is "YUEQING MEIGEER ELECTRON ELECTRICAL CO., LTD."; The Origin is "MADE IN YUEQING".

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On some cartons, we will print "始于2001" (which means "since 2001").

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3. Where to buy our solid state relays?

Official Channel

If you are in China, you can directly contact MGR.
Tel: 0086-0577-62875133
-No.306-308 Baixiang Avenue, Beibaixiang Industrial Park, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (MGR Factory)
-No.150 Malujiao East Road, Malujiao Village Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (MGR Office Building)
Online Shop:
MGR has the only one Online Shop on the, the site is:
Except it, MGR does not have any online stores on any E-commerce platforms, such as eBay, amazon, etc.

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If you are not in China, you can contact HUIMU Industrial.
Tel: 0086-0577-62698923
-Main domain:
-Sub domains:
Add: No.266 Liujiang Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (HUIMU Headquarter)
Online Shop:
Although HUIMU Industrial has registered many online shops, it is only to prevent others from registering maliciously and is not used for actual operations.

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Third Party Channel

● You can get our products through distributors. These excellent distributors can provide the same technical service and support as ours.
● You can also get our products through retailers. These excellent retailers are able to offer our products and services conveniently.
● Our products will also enter the market through OEM and ODM, but these products are only subject to the supervision and management of the brand owners. For these products, we are only responsible for the brand owner, and you can't get any help from us directly.

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