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Reversible Motor

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The reversible motor (or reversing motor, forward and reverse motor, bi-directional motor) is a kind of motor with a special structure that it can choose the direction of rotation (clockwise/counterclockwise, or forward/reverse) according to the different control signal. According to the power supply, it can be divided into DC reversible motor and AC reversible motor. Such motors are often used in spin dryers, lathes, bench drills, etc.

Reversible Motor

Reversible Motor imageIntroduction:
Compare with single directional motor, the reversible motor has two control terminals, which can control the rotation direction of the motor.

Working principle:
1. Connect the reversible motor to the power supply.
2. After the external control device provides the working signal, the reversible motor starts to work.
3. Change the rotation direction of the motor by switching the control signal.

The role of solid state relays:
1. Control the working status and rotation direction (forward / reverse) of the motor.