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Heating or Cooling Equipment

Heating equipment_raw.jpgNormally, there are three ways to control the heating/cooling equipment: solid state relay (SSR), thyristor module (SCR module), and AC contactor. Currently, solid-state relays and SCR modules are commonly used in the heating devices, but in comparison, the SCR module is not cost-effective, so solid state relays the most common in heating/cooling equipment, such as electric ovens, coffee machines, vending machines, griddles, Fryers, air-conditioner, refrigerator and etc. The solid-state relays also perform well in temperature control equipment. The timer control SSR, the microcontroller control SSR and PID control SSR (proportional–integral–derivative controller) are used in the temperature control device to maintain temperature stability, like HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).